Gift Ideas for a 60-Year-Old Mom

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60 is the new 40, only better, states women’s health and wellness advocate Ellen Dolgen in the article "60 and Fabulous: The Secret to Successful Aging," for "Huffington Post." Therefore, your gift to your mom on her 60th birthday should be one that celebrates this wonderful milestone. By taking into account your mom's passions and interests, you should have no shortage of gift ideas.

Active Pursuits

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Moms who are into fitness may appreciate a course of yoga classes or some new sporting equipment such as running shoes, a pedometer or a gym bag. At the age of 60, staying active is important, says Barbara Hannah Grufferman, author "The Best of Everything After 50," in her "Huffington Post" article "Life After 50: 13 Gifts That Every Woman Over 50 Wants In Her Stocking This Year." Dance classes can also help your mom make new friends, while learning to dance and enjoying herself. If money is no object, treat her to an experience of a lifetime, such as a helicopter ride or a sky dive.

Time to Relax

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Your mom may not often pamper herself, but you can treat her to a gift voucher for a local spa or beauty salon. This allows her to select the treatments or services she wants, such as a massage, manicure or makeup lesson. Choose a place with an extensive menu, giving her plenty of choices. If she is in real need of some pampering and you can afford to splash out, you can book her a whole spa weekend. For a more economical treat, put together a gift basket of products such as luxurious bath oil and a scented candle.

Expanding Her Mind

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Your mom may love to read about different cultures, travel to foreign lands or cook up a storm in the kitchen. If she loves to bake, you can enroll her in a pastry course. If she's planning a vacation abroad, buy her a course to learn the language of her destination country. Online courses are available on every subject from computer skills to philosophy, and across all prices ranges. Learning something new can help Mom discover a renewed passion for life and keep her mind sharp.

Seeing the Sights

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Everyone has somewhere they would love to visit. Work out what your mom's top destination would be and ask the rest of the family and her friends to split the cost of a trip with you. For a less expensive alternative, take her on a day trip around her home town, visiting the tourist attractions that she may walk past on a daily basis, but never stop to enjoy. Your mom may love a weekend at the beach or in the mountains, or a city break with dinner and a show thrown in.