What Is a Fun Thing to Do for a Date With My Girlfriend?

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Dates get boring after a while if you keep doing the same things, such as dinner and a movie or bowling and miniature golf. If you and your girlfriend are stuck in a dating rut, it's time to think outside the box. Plan lively, creative dates that will entertain you both and make you laugh. These are the one-of-a-kind dates that you and your girlfriend won't soon forget.

Hunt for Treasure

Geocaching is a treasure hunting experience in which you find items that someone hides using GPS coordinates. You can choose among local, national and even worldwide geocaching communities. You and your girlfriend will follow coordinates for hidden treasures in your local area and see what you can find. Make sure to follow the rules of whatever geocaching group you join, which may include replacing the item you find with an item of your own in the same spot. Another idea is to sign up for a city-wide scavenger hunt that many larger cities have to offer. These scavenger hunts often include several groups competing against one another. The clues will take you to landmarks all over the city and may require you to take public transportation to get around.

Be Daredevils

Get an adrenaline rush together by going on thrill-seeking dates. If the amusement park near you has just opened its tallest roller coaster, plan a date to ride it -- in the very front car. Do a tandem bungee jump with a reputable bungee company or go rappelling down a steep cliff or ziplining through a forest with a professional outdoor company. Try a dining-in-the-dark experience, such as that offered at Opaque restaurant in Los Angeles. Your entire meal is served in pitch-black darkness by vision-impaired waiters. Try to guess what you are eating and attempt to feed each other to add to the fun.

Take a Lesson

Learn something new together by taking a class of some sort. Improve your dancing skills by taking a Latin dancing class, such as salsa or the tango. Sign up for a cooking class in which you learn to make a dish from a foreign country, perhaps a complicated French dessert. You could also see if a local art museum or gallery offers classes in painting or pottery. To integrate a sense of the adventurous, take a private martial arts lesson or even a trapeze flying lesson.

Play Games

Add a little friendly competition to your date with a variety of games. Head to a bingo hall and play along side the very competitive seniors and bingo fanatics. Check for local bars and lounges that have board game nights, where you and your girlfriend can play random board games with each other and against other couples. Head to the arcade and play 10 different games in a row. Whoever has the most wins buys dinner. It it's a tie, you split it.