Fun Stuff to Do With Your Dad

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Spending quality time with your dad gives you the chance to kick back and enjoy each other's company. As you watch a game or head to a local diner, you can talk about the times you used to spend fishing together when you were or a child or how much you enjoy seeing him interact with your own child now that he is a grandfather. Either way, spending time and doing fun activities with your father enhances the unique bond you two share.

Dining Together

Grab a bite to eat with your dad and spend time catching up with each other. While eating out may seem like something you do with just anyone, make it an extra special experience you two will never forget. Try your hand at a murder mystery dinner where you two dine and solve a who-done-it at the same time. Between bites of your juicy steak, the faculty at Virginia Tech University suggest you ask your dad about what is happening in his life. Staying up-to-date with what is going on in a family member's life brings you closer together, according to their researchers. Knowing your father is up for a big job promotion in the coming months allows you to be supportive, makes him feel appreciated and shows that you care about his life.


Planes, trains and automobiles aren't just for little ones. No matter how you get there, take a trip with your dear old dad. While a vacation to Hawaii to gorge on pina coladas and roasted pig might be a great chance to spend some quality time with your father, the trip doesn't need to be extravagant in order to serve its purpose. The time you take to talk about and plan out the details of your adventure provides a common interest that promotes bonding. In addition, taking the trip provides you with special memories of your dad doing the hula on stage wearing a coconut bra for years to come.

Taking Interest in His Loves

Build a bond with your father and find activities surrounding his interests. If your dad is an avid Minnesota Twins fan, head to Target Field and watch a live game with him. According to Daniel Wann and his colleagues in their article published in the North American Journal of Psychology, identifying with and watching a sporting team has proven to be correlated with a better overall well-being. Therefore, this fun activity will put you both in the right frame of mind to build a stronger relationship. To kick the experience up a notch, surprise your father and get tickets to a meet-and-greet with the players before or after the sporting event for a day he'll never forget. The same holds true even if your Dad isn't an avid sports follower. If he is a music junkie, then go to a concert with him the next time his favorite band is in town.

Additional Considerations

No matter what you plan with your dad, try to show him how much you care during these activities. Joyce Woodford, a counselor at Kansas State University, stresses the importance of showing warmth toward someone with whom you wish to build a relationship. Write your father a quick thank-you note after your your outing and tell him what spending the extra one-on-one time with him meant to you. You might also present him with a framed picture or scrapbook of the two of you from your outing so he can proudly display your masterpiece on his desk at work and recall the good times you spent together fishing on Lake Superior.