Eighth Grade Graduation Gift Ideas From a Teacher

by Stephanie Kelley ; Updated September 28, 2017

Teachers can give gifts to students upon graduation to reward them for their success.

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Graduating from eighth grade is an event that should be recognized. The graduating student is transitioning from middle school, sometimes referred to as junior high, to being a high school student. The occasion is often recognized with parties or dances. Teachers should help reward students by giving gifts upon the completion of eighth grade.

Gifts that Encourage

Just because her students are graduating, doesn't mean a teacher can't continue to encourage her students. A teacher can give the eighth grade graduates gifts that will continue to encourage them through the summer months, into their high school years and beyond. Classic literature books with a meaningful, personal note inside, will encourage students to read. The gift of a journal will encourage students to write creatively and to record important moments.

Useful Gifts

High school students need school supplies. An eighth grade teacher could choose to give each member of his graduating class something that she will use in the next school year. A high quality pen will be something that students can use while taking notes in high school classes. Other useful gifts include book covers and book marks.

Sentimental Gifts

If an eighth grade teacher wants to give her graduating class something with a sentimental twist, she can consider giving a gift with the school logo or name on it. T-shirts, bumper stickers and magnets with the school logo or in school colors will be something the child can treasure. For a teacher who teaches a specific topic, consider giving a gift that reflects a particularly important or fun unit of teaching. For instance, if a science teacher taught a unit on butterflies, the gift of a small ceramic butterfly would be a nice piece to help students remember the unit.

Keepsake Gifts

Traditional graduation gifts are appropriate for the eighth grade graduate. A stuffed bear wearing a graduation cap is always an appropriate gift for any graduate. A teacher may also consider giving the gift of a document frame so students can frame the new diploma.

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