Daughter's Graduation Gift Ideas

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Watching your daughter graduate will likely bring an onslaught of emotions ranging from pride to excitement. Honor her accomplishment by giving her a gift that lets her know how proud you are, has sentimental meaning or is something she can use. Consider her personality, taste, goals, dreams and needs as you begin searching for a graduation gift for your daughter.


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Personalized jewelry, or jewelry that holds a deeper meaning, is an appropriate graduation gift whether she's graduating from kindergarten, high school or college. A necklace with a pendant showing off the year of her graduation, or one that recognizes her special interests, such as a baseball cap or a basketball for the athletic girl or a hair brush and comb for a girl who will go on to study cosmetology, is a thoughtful gift that is not too emotional. If you prefer something with a more personal meaning, consider a locket with an inscribed message, a mother-daughter heart pendant or daughter shooting for the stars pendant.

Sentimental Keepsakes

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Sentimental keepsakes can accompany your daughter through her next step in life. A personalized jewelry box or music box that includes a meaningful message would be fitting. For example, the "wishes for my daughter collectible music box" looks like an antique book, opens to play "Have I Told You Lately … That I Love You" and includes tablets with the poem "I Wish You." A music box or jewelry box is also the perfect place to hide a smaller gift, such as money, gift cards, jewelry or a personal letter, poem or note handwritten by you.

Paper weights, desk sets and picture frames are other sentimental items you can give your daughter. Decorative crystal with a personal message or poem inscribed will likely become a favorite treasure.

Practical Gifts

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Practical gifts are sometimes the more expensive items your daughter may need, particularly if she is going away to college or starting a new career. Consider personalized luggage for a college-bound graduate, briefcase or purse, car, wardrobe (or gift certificates to her favorite clothing store), kitchen accessories, books, dorm decor or a gift card with a specified purpose. Electronics such as a new laptop, stereo or personal music player is practical for many young girls, as well.

For a younger daughter who is graduating kindergarten or elementary school, consider a book set by her favorite author or educational toys that are appropriate for her age. If your daughter is graduating from middle school, consider room decor for a room make-over or a computer (used is fine) to help her research and write her high school papers.

Experience Gifts

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Give your daughter a once-in-a-lifetime experience or opportunity to celebrate her graduation. This can be a trip for just the two of you, the family or your daughter and a couple of her friends. Send her to Europe to backpack across the country, take a train through the countryside or visit a few of Europe's cities. Spend a week together at a spa for a mother-daughter retreat or enjoy a couple of museums and theme parks in a city she has always wanted to visit or at her favorite family vacation location.