The Best Birthday Gift for a Wife

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If you are a husband who has been racking his brain for ideas for a great birthday gift for your lovely wife, you are not alone. Many men become frustrated and anxious when it comes to selecting birthday gifts because they really want to make the occasion special, but they are unsure how a gift will be received. Every woman’s personal preferences are different, but there are a few types of items that are universally enjoyed.

Surprise Outings or Vacations

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Sometimes, in the midst of a stressful, busy lifestyle it can be hard for your wife to get the much needed fun and relaxation that she deserves to have in her life. If you want to give your wife a little time off from running the household, plan a surprise outing or vacation for her birthday. Have a casual conversation and ask her about things she has always wanted to do or places she would like to visit and plan the trip accordingly. How far you go is really up to you, but try to make sure that whatever activities you plan are things that you are sure you will enjoy. She is sure to enjoy the relaxation and the opportunity to spend time with you and your children if you choose to include them.


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All women love to sparkle and if your'e in a rut trying to decide on the perfect birthday gift, jewelry is always a safe option. Diamond rings and necklaces are a great option, but you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to get her praise. If your trying to be sneaky about it, take the whole family on a trip to the mall and just “wander” into a jewelry section at your favorite department store. Allow her to browse and watch her reactions, chances are she will point out things that she likes. If you're looking to give your jewelry that extra personal touch, try getting a message engraved on it just to show you went that extra mile.

Shopping Spree

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Most women love to shop, but do not always have the time or money. In fact, most mothers can’t remember the last time they actually bought something nice for themselves. If you are stumped on what to get your wife, try doing a little legwork and buy her a shopping spree. Gift cards may sound tacky to some, but it’s really the best way of making sure someone gets what they really want. Talk to your wife’s friends and have them plan a day to take your wife out shopping. Also, do yourself a favor and ask them what her favorite stores are if you don’t know already. Then visit your local mall or go online to purchase gift cards for a few of her favorite stores. Your wife is sure to enjoy a day out shopping with her best friends and will love you for making the extra effort to make her smile.

Surprise Romantic Evening

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Women dream of romance. If you want to really want to make your wife smile, spend a whole night attending to her needs. Plan for your children to be gone on a weekend evening and sweep her off her feet as soon as she gets home from work. The most important thing to remember is to make her feel loved and appreciated. Try making her dinner and then watching a romantic movie while you rub her feet or maybe even paint her toenails. You can also try distracting her by drawing her a hot bubble bath so that you can decorate your bedroom with candles and rose petals to achieve that extra special ending to a wonderful evening.