Birthday Gift Ideas for a 13-Year-Old Girl

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By the time she reaches 13, the birthday girl shows signs of interest in a few activities and hobbies over others. Pay attention to how she dresses, how she enjoys spending free time and what music she likes as clues for gifts she may actually appreciate and use.

Creative Connections

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Exploring creative outlets is just as important at 13 as it was when she was still coloring with crayons in elementary school. By this point in her life, she most likely has specific creative pursuits she enjoys above others, such as creating collages featuring her favorite singers and bands, sketching with pastels, or creating her own T-shirt designs. Offer the young artist a set of artist's markers or colored pencils in a travel case or a drawing tablet to connect to her computer for digital art creations. If she enjoys crafting, jewelry making supplies such as beads, elastic cord, earring wires and needle-nose pliers allow her to create adornments for herself and her friends. Screen-printing inks or a book about DIY screen printing help her hone her designs for T-shirts, leggings or jackets.

Music, Music and More Music

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At 13, she's probably starting to develop a serious interest in music -- either listening to it, playing an instrument, or both. An MP3 player or a smartphone offer her a way to listen to her favorite jams on the go. Offer a music subscription service if she already has a music player or laptop that she uses for enjoying her favorite songs or a set of bluetooth speakers or earbuds to make the music-listening experience even better. If she is learning how to play guitar or ukulele, buy sets of strings and songbooks that demonstrate how to play current songs or improve her technique. If she has developed a taste for music on vinyl, purchase a few classics from old-school artists she enjoys, or offer her a gift card to a resale music store that carries albums on vinyl.

An Outing to Remember

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Surprise her with a family outing to her favorite restaurant, a private party with friends, or an active adventure based on her own interests such as weekend canoeing, hiking or camping excursion in an area she always wanted to visit. A party at an indoor trampoline center offers an adrenaline-filled exciting day for her and a few close friends, or offer a retro-inspired day of roller skating at a rink if she enjoys the activity.

Athletics and Apparel

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A girl with athletic aspirations most likely has a sport or activity she prefers above most others. Offer her gear and apparel to help make her active outings more enjoyable, such as new running shoes, an armband to fit her phone or MP3 player, or a portable basketball hoop to set up in the driveway. If she's more into fashion than fitness, offer her a new jacket, boots or scarf, or a gift card to her favorite clothing store if she would prefer to pick out apparel and accessories on her own.