Wonderful Gift Ideas for My Husband on Father's Day

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From the first Father’s Day after you discover that you’re pregnant until the last child is out of the nest and beyond, it’s appropriate to recognize your husband on this day. Gifts can express loving thoughts about his special place in his kids' lives, thank him for helping you raise the children or simply let him know how much you love and care for him.

Special Dad Gear

Some gifts let the world know that your husband is a world-class dad. For his first Father’s Day, give him a T-shirt with a sonogram picture of your little one or pictures of him holding that baby for the first time. If he was a spectacular labor coach, give him a T-shirt that proclaims, “We had a baby and I helped!” As your children grow, present him with a customized photo coffee mug that has a picture of the kids and an expression of their love, or a picture of his kids in a Father's Day frame that he can keep on his desk. A T-shirt or sweatshirt with a picture of your entire family on the front also serves as a loving message that he's a special dad.

Father/Child Time

Involved fathers can contribute to kids having higher IQs and better grades in school, according to a June 2013 article in “Live Science.” To help your husband connect with his kids, give him some games that he and the kids can play together. You can go with indoor board games or video games, or outdoor toys such as foam balls, water guns, balls and sports equipment. If you have older kids, you might give your husband a hobby or project kit so he and the kids can make a birdhouse, air glider, boat or model car together.

What Makes Him Happy

To recognize that your husband works hard to take care of you and the kids, reward him with things that help him relax. Suspend a hammock for him in the backyard and give him a new electronic reading device so he can curl up and read a good book. If he enjoys cookouts with his friends, a folding grill with apron and necessary utensils can allow him to be the best tailgate cook at the stadium.

Convenience Gifts

If your kids are forever losing their dad’s keys, purchase an electronic key chain locator so your husband can easily find them when it’s time to go to work or drop the kids off at their activities. Protect his cell phone and his wallet contents with a phone case that keeps his cards and cash safe and out of kids' sticky fingers. A controller caddy can help him keep track of all the remotes he needs to control his electronic world.