Gift Ideas for 19 to 22 Year Old Boys

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As boys grow older, they develop their own style, preferences, and interests. While it's great for individuality, this can make gift shopping for boys difficult. If you're looking for the right gift for a boy aged 19 to 22, keep a few hip gifts in mind and you're sure to pick out a winner.

Hygiene Products

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Yes, a bar of soap is a lousy gift, but high-end hair care products, cologne, or grooming tools are an excellent present for a young man entering adulthood. Check out the Every Man Jack product line to get an idea of what guys are looking for.

Video Games

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If there's one hobby that's pretty much universal among this generation of young men, it's playing video games. Once you've learned which game consoles your gift recipient owns, visit a gaming site like GamePro to find out what the hottest titles are.

Pop Culture Reads

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Most twenty-somethings spend more time online than they do in the real world, and some of the most hilarious and popular sites on the web are now putting out books to fulfill their cyber-addictions. Whether it's "F My Life" or "Sh*t My Dad Says," your gift-getter will be busting up with laughter.

iPod Accessories

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When they're not playing video games or surfing the net, most young men have the headphones of their iPods in. So, head over to the Apple store or an authorized dealer to find some of the coolest headphones, speakers, cases, covers, and more to let them enhance their iPod.