White Coat Party Gifts

by Tamiya King ; Updated September 28, 2017

Give your loved one a useful and beautiful gift at a white coat party.

B2M Productions/Polka Dot/Getty Images

A white coat party, or a celebration that friends and family organize for someone who has recently graduated from medical school, is a time to celebrate a loved one's notable professional accomplishment. If you've been invited to a white coat party, and want to find the perfect gift for the guest of honor, there are plenty of items you can present to the new doctor that are both meaningful and functional.


Jewelry that commemorates the accomplishment of graduating from medical school will make a heartfelt gift that your loved one can wear every day. A silver necklace in the shape of "dog tags" is ideal for a graduate who loves original jewelry pieces that are not too gaudy. The tags are worn by military personnel and includes basic information that doctors may need to use if a patient is injured, so you can include the graduate's name, date of graduation and area of medical expertise on the tag.

A sterling silver or gold-plated name tag engraved with the graduate's new medical title will also make a great gift and will stand out on your loved one's new white coat.

Round-the-Clock Basket

Put together a gift basket for your friend that contains all the things she'll need to relax on her day(s) off -- or keep her energy up when she has to work a long shift. Include a few bags of gourmet coffee in the basket to keep the medical graduate awake in flavors she'll love, as well as some small bags of trail mix for energy, decorated with ribbons or bows. Some relaxation items, such as bath salts, lotions and a pair of fuzzy slippers should also be included in the gift basket to help the new medical school graduate enjoy the hours she's not at the hospital.

Medical Accessories and Decor

Medical tools that the guest of honor will need to do his job correctly will also make great white coat party gifts. You and your friends can get together to purchase scrubs for the graduate in his favorite color and embroidered with his initials. Small equipment like stethoscopes or reflex hammers in a customized color will also make a welcomed gift. The guest of honor may enjoy a quality frame in gold or silver to house and display his medical degree in, as well as professional but creative artwork that the graduate can hang in his office to make the space more inviting and comfortable for patients.