What Is a Pinata Used for?

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Pinatas are brightly colored, hollow creations made mainly of paper-mache. They can be made of clay or other materials, however, they must be able to be easily broken to spill their contents. Pinatas are usually filled with candy and toys, and have a role in many special occasions.


The majority of Americans know the pinata from children's birthday parties. They are usually filled with candy, and perhaps small toys such as yo-yos and rubber balls.

Mexican Catholic Christmas

Catholics in Mexico or of Mexican origin often break a pinata during the Christmas season. These pinatas are filled with toys, candy and even fresh fruit.


With commercially available pinatas, designs can be found to fit the decor of any party. These could include a pink flamingo for a beach party, a parrot for a pirate party or a star for a Hollywood party.

Hospital Gifts

Children who are in the hospital might appreciate a pinata filled with crayons, small coloring books and small toys much more than a balloon or a floral arrangement.

Gift Wrap

Pinatas can be filled with just about anything, including presents for a birthday or other occasion. Match the design of the pinata and the gift to the recipient or the event.