What Is a Drop Waist Belt?

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From Renaissance clothing to Victorian dresses, the drop waist belt is a definitive style that gives a choice of remedies to flatter waistlines. It's form-fitted shape can accent a curvy hourglass with a cinch. With a gathered blouse, it creates a modern drapiness reminiscent of the 1920s. With jeans it's the perfect hip hugger. The look can fit many occasions and can either be fitted or relaxed for use as you please.

Fitted Waist Enhancement

A drop waist is below your natural waistline. Some dresses have this look built in and are often form-fitting. The same Victorian effect can be achieved with a wide belt. Wearing a wide, 3 inch, drop waist belt at several inches below your natural waist is a perfect camouflage to a small protruding belly. It should be tried on before purchase as it will require a longer size. It can rest under the waist and camouflage the widest part of the belly. It makes a curvier line by cinching the area.

Blouson effect

The other way to wear a drop waist is a blouson effect where the fabric is draped over the belt. The belt is slung low on the hips, and a blousy shirt or dress hangs over it. This gives a larger visual space to the upper body and can make the lower body and legs look slightly shorter, which can be compensated for by wearing tall heels. Apple shape body types may want to avoid this. It works well on other body types, however, especially pear shapes, because it puts the focus on the upper body.


Jeans worn at the hip are the obvious mix for a drop waist belt worn, either on the belt loops with a T-shirt, or over an untucked loose blouse. Romantic looks are toga-like, Grecian waistlines that are elegant in pleated, silky fabrics and lightweight jerseys. A blouson top, worn with narrow pants, has a pirate influence. Drop waist dresses are more suitable for evening, bridal or play than business wear. It is usually a built-in low waistband on a long dress with a Renaissance look. Some types come down in the front and back, in a Renaissance style, corset or V shape.

Belt Materials

A suede or soft leather belt looks fashionable over a blousy shirt or straight dress. A thin chain or leather belt will have a twenties feel. An elastic, cinch type can be worn over a blousier dress for an extra firm hold in position. A stiff, leather belt is worn low for more casual looks with a loose blouse. A simple buckle closure is classic. Fabric belts can also be tied in a knot over a blouse. Satin or metallic rope is used with evening wear or silky fabrics for a Grecian effect.