What Color Shoes and Socks Go With an Olive Suit?

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Olive may have been the color of the 50s and 60s, but it’s still fashionable today, particularly for suits. Your shoes and socks will make as much of an impression as your suit so pairing these accessories correctly can make or break your ensemble. Earth-tone suits like olive go well with other earth-tone colors, which makes suiting up pretty easy. Stick to one of these no-fail color combos when choosing your footwear.

Burgundy or Deep Plum

When creating a complementary color scheme for a suit, mix an olive hue with a darker, more subdued color like burgundy or a rich plum. The rules of socks are simple: They can match your shoes or be an extension of your pants. In this case, pair the shoes with olive socks.


Olive easily pairs with neutrals, so if you want to play it safe, pick a brown that is darker than the suit color, like chocolate or chestnut. Veer away from the lighter tans. Brown is a strong hue that’s so versatile that you probably already have a pair of brown shoes in your closet. It's best to pair brown hued shoes with olive or khaki socks.


When it comes to color-coordinating clothes, you can play it safe sometimes with black. It’s easy, simple and it doesn’t require too much thought. One general rule is the nicer the pants, the more conservative the shoe. For this pairing, choose olive or black socks.


Navy is another option to look well put together. Most men limit themselves to no more than three colors in their primary outfit with navy often being one, which pairs well with olive. Choose olive or navy socks.