What Shoes to Wear With a Seersucker Suit

Seersucker is one of those traditional suits that just never goes away. Generally worn during the summer months because it's made of light cotton, seersucker is also popular year round in hot climates. As seersucker has been around for ages, there is certain protocol and good taste involved with donning this little number. Find out about the shoe options available for those cool gents who choose the seersucker as their summer suit of choice.

White Bucks

Buckskin lace-ups, or bucks, are the traditional shoes to wear with a seersucker suit. Red rubber soles are classic, but similar-colored saddle shoes are also accepted. Buckskins traditionally are white. This is the most acceptable shoe for fashion hard-liners. White buckskins are usually paired with a set of suspenders matching a color in the shoe.

Brown and Black Shoes

Brown and black slip-ons or penny loafers are also acceptable by today's seersucker terms. Your brown and black choice should, however, be a summer shoe. Clunky winter shoes take away from the breezy, carefree nature of seersucker. Although summer shoes are the choice, never wear sandals. Wearing sandals with any suit is a serious faux pas.

Belt Rules

When choosing your shoes, it is also important to think about your belt. Try to match the color of your belt to the shoe color. If you are wearing white buckskins with a heel color, select a belt that matches the heel. This shows a great attention to detail. If you choose to wear suspenders instead of a belt, make sure to match the color all the same. If there are side tabs on your suit, you can go as far as to not wear a belt or suspenders at all, but this is a daring trend that should only be performed by the brave at heart.