What Should Men Wear to a White Party?

by Jen Oda

White parties are formal parties that require their participants to wear completely, or almost completely, white attire. Men should plan ahead if they are going to attend an all-white party and they do not already own white formal wear. A full white suit is the simplest and safest bet for a white party.


Since all white parties are formal, wear a white collared button-down long-sleeve shirt. Short sleeves shirts and non-button-down dress shirts are also acceptable. White cotton, silk and linen shirts are light weight and sold in most stores.


A vest is not required but adds another level of style to a man's outfit. Choose a white vest that matches your suit jacket, if you are wearing one.

Suit Jacket

If you are wearing a suit you may choose to wear the suit jacket, but this is also an option. Suit jackets make the outfit more formal. Many men wear the jacket to the party and then remove it as the evening goes on to cool off. Choose an all-white suit jacket that matches your pants.


White dress pants made of cotton, linen or any other nice, white material are appropriate for a white party. The pants should match your suit jacket.


A tie is another option for your all white party outfit. The tie adds an elegant touch to a suit, however many men find a tie cumbersome and opt not to wear one. A tie worn to an all-white party can be white or colored if you want to add a little dash of uniqueness to your attire.


A belt should be worn with dress pants. Wear a white belt that compliments your outfit, however if you do not have one, a darker belt is also acceptable to wear.


The shoes are often a concern for men attending an all white party. Many men do not own white shoes and do not want to buy them because they cannot use them for other occasions. White shoes are glamorous but they get dirty easily. If you do not have or want to purchase white shoes, wearing darker dress shoes that compliment your suit is completely acceptable as well.

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