Rules of Seersucker

Seersucker is a thin fabric often made from cotton, although sometimes rayon or other synthetics are woven in as well. Seersucker fabric varies between a tight and loose yarn in the warp, which gives seersucker a crinkled look. Seersucker usually has a striped, colored pattern often in light greens and blues, although you can find it in other colors as well. To wear it well, make sure you know the fashion rules.


Seersucker clothing is in season in the summer months when temperatures are warm. Seersucker doesn't have a strict start and finish date, although most fashion guidelines will tell you to follow the Memorial Day to Labor Day rule, as with most summer styles. However, you may see seersucker on Easter Sunday and also at the Kentucky Derby in May. Seersucker is popular fashion because the woven wrinkles prevent the fabric from clinging to the body, giving seersucker a breathable, lightweight quality that will never go out of style.


Seersucker suits can be a wardrobe essential for both men and women. If you must wear a suit in the blazing heat of summer, lightweight seersucker will provide you with a cool yet classic look. However, when choosing a seersucker suit, stick to basic colors. Avoid bright colors, such as yellow or green; instead, choose a basic light blue or gray pattern. Pair the suit with classic brown shoes and a simple white shirt and light tie.


When wearing seersucker pants, never wear a T-shirt. The dressy look of the pants will not pair well with even a simple solid T-shirt. Instead, choose a tailored, fitted dress shirt. Stick with pastel colors or neutrals. White is ideal, but light pink or pale yellow will also work. Again, a plain brown shoe will complete the ensemble. You can also wear white shoes, but be careful not to choose anything too shiny or pointy, or it will ruin the entire look.


Shorts are the most casual of the seersucker style and popular for men. When wearing seersucker shorts, choose a fitted polo or dress shirt that is a light pastel or neutral color. For this look to work, neatly tuck in the shirt to keep it from looking sloppy. Finding a shoe to go with seersucker shorts is a little more difficult. Wearing white or beige canvas shoes will work best, although you may be able to get away with wearing a nice sandal.


When pairing accessories with seersucker, choose simple, classic pieces that complement the look without demanding too much attention. If you are wearing a tie, choose a neutral-colored tie, such as navy or gray. For women, purses should be brown or tan, or a white or off-white canvas bag. Choose simple jewelry, such as a simple watch, bracelet or pendant. If wearing a belt, make sure it is also a basic brown or white, with no pattern.