Calories in a Blue Cheese Stuffed Olive

Green olives

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Olives stuffed with creamy blue cheese make a tangy, flavorful treat; however, the high fat content of both ingredients means you should eat these condiments in moderation. A blue-cheese-stuffed olive typically has more calories than a plain olive or one stuffed with pimiento, so stick with just one or two pieces on your appetizer plate to prevent diet sabotage.

Calorie Breakdown

The number of calories in a blue-cheese-stuffed olive depends on the brand. One variety contains about 10 calories per olive, another contains 20 calories per olive and a third contains 25 calories per olive. If you're making blue-cheese-stuffed olives at home, use small pieces of cheese to help minimize calories. An energy-dense food, blue cheese contains about 60 calories per square inch. Meanwhile, a plain medium-sized olive may contain about 5 calories, although larger olives will have more.