What Is Vegetable Ghee?

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Vegetable ghee serves as a substitute for traditional ghee, an important ingredient in many Indian dishes. This product is sometimes known as vanaspati or clarified butter.

Traditional Ghee

Traditional ghee is a creamy spread produced by boiling butter until the liquids and solids have separated. The liquid is then separated from the solid and packaged as ghee.


Vegetable ghee is a vegetarian alternative to this product. It is made up almost entirely of hardened vegetable oil and is free from any milk products.


It is ideal for various forms of cooking, such as baking, sautéing and deep frying. It is also used as a spread on bread or vegetables.

Texture and Appearance

Both traditional ghee and vegetable ghee have a texture and appearance similar to lard. However, neither of these items contains animal fat.


Despite its resemblance to lard, vegetable ghee is cholesterol-free. It has a buttery, nutty taste that is somewhat milder than that of traditional ghee.