What Color Matches Grey Shoes?

Young woman trying on shoes, low section, side view

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The fashion conscious woman has long faced inner conflict concerning her shoes. Yes, you just spent an obscene amount of money on a pair of shoes, and no, you don't have any clothes that will go with your beautiful new purchase. Sound familiar? Like many women, you are probably at your wit's end trying to coordinate old clothes with new shoes. Most of these women may not realize that there already exists a solution to this problem: grey shoes. Grey, as a neutral color, offers a far wider a variety of color complements and matches than many others colors.


Like grey, black is a neutral color. Coordinating black with grey shoes is an extremely simple task because, as neutral colors, the pair are naturally matched. Pairing black with grey is a good choice for professional or business attire as well as formal events. Keep in mind however, that black will produce a 'display' effect for your shoes. In other words, the eye will be drawn to the grey in the shoes because they, a lighter color, are set against a dark background.


White is another neutral color that invariably works well with grey. Just as with black and grey, white and grey are extremely easy colors to coordinate because they are naturally matched. White is the absence of color. As such, it produces a visual displacement effect, meaning, it is highly visible. The eye will be drawn to the white of your outfit before it reaches the shoe; consequently, it will naturally pick up on the white in your shoe. While your shoe may be exactly the same shade of grey that you wear with black, it will appear to be a lighter shade.

Warm Colors

Although some women may be drawn to a neutral or even monochromatic color palettes, it is not a look that suites everyone. As a neutral color, grey can work well with warm colors. Warm colors are various shades of red, orange and yellow and are so named for their association with fire or sunlight. Warm hues are also used for autumn. They provide a splash of eye-catching color and are well-suited to neutral grey shoes.

You should feel free to choose from the wide variety of warm color materials available in the market, but exercise discretion. Gray may not look very nice next with all warm colors. For example, grey shoes would not have the same effect against candy apple red as they would against fuchsia.

Cool Colors

On the other end of the spectrum are cool colors. Color like blues, greens and violets can work very well with grey shoes. If you prefer cool colors, keep in mind that they are associated with water and plants and are quiet colors. Plan your outfit accordingly by ensuring that you select a shade that is appropriate for the particular shade of grey in your shoes. Selecting a deep blue with a medium grey, for example, would likely damage the overall color scheme of your outfit.