Ways to Give a Girl Flowers at School

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Whether it's Valentine's Day, her birthday, your anniversary or just because, bringing flowers to school is a sure way to score points with your sweetheart or impress your crush. But like all gifts, presentation counts; stuttering something incoherent and shoving the bouquet at her isn't romantic at all. Instead, make a plan before you give the flowers to your girl.

Give Her Flowers at the Start of School

Give her the flowers before the first bell. You won't have to worry about hiding the flowers until later, and she'll get to enjoy them all day. You'll also have a few minutes to enjoy each other's company before first period. Make it sweeter by also bringing a donut or cup of coffee. And remember, you don't have to give a speech; just smile and wish her a happy birthday, or whatever the occasion requires.

Leave Flowers in Her Locker

If you know her combination, surprise your girl by leaving flowers in her locker. Make sure you know when she visits her locker; ask one of her friends if you're not sure. She'll definitely be surprised; plus, her locker will smell nice for days. Don't forget to leave a note or card, too, unless you're acting anonymously.

Create a Scavenger Hunt

Creating a scavenger hunt takes some work, but it'll add lots of excitement to her school day. Write three to five different clues, and include a small gift on each, such as a piece of chocolate or a poem that reminds you of her. The last clue leads her to the flowers. Each clue should tell her where the next clue is, but don't make it too obscure. Consider hiding clues in her locker, in her textbooks or with her friends.

Leave Flowers on Her Car

If you think she would be embarrassed by the attention or would have trouble carrying flowers around all day, leave flowers on her windshield at the end of the school day. It'll still be a fun surprise, without the hassle. Make sure your note is securely attached to the flowers so it doesn't blow away.