Unique Gifts for a Girl's 18th Birthday

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Truly unique gifts for a girl's 18th birthday are a challenge to find. Once you've narrowed down the gift ideas, consider the qualities that would make your gift special. A unique gift suggests that the birthday girl is worthy of the effort that went into choosing or creating the gift. Veer from the beaten path of birthday gifts and you can be sure that it'll never be forgotten.

Framed Art/Prints

A beautiful piece of art can be a very sophisticated gift for an 18-year-old girl, and if you choose a piece that complements her style and sensibilities she will certainly hold onto your gift of art for a long time. Art doesn't have to be a big expense either. There are many young and talented photographers, painters and illustrators who create high quality prints of their work which are numbered and signed. Have the art framed and ready to be hung on a wall so that she can enjoy her gift right away.

Cooking Classes

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A young foodie will enjoy cooking classes, especially if she has just moved out on her own. Most 18-year-old girls have basic cooking skills and may even have their own equipment and tools, but there's little good in having a state-of-the-art set of pots and pans if she doesn't have a few culinary tricks up her sleeve. Stick to a food theme she already likes, such as French, Thai, pastries or seafood, and hook her up with a set of classes.

Museum Membership

Give an 18-year-old birthday girl a year of culture with a membership to the local museum or major art gallery. Memberships often include access to exclusive exhibitions, talks and discounts at the gift shop. Plus, many major galleries offer deals with partner institutions in other cities, so she can use her membership wherever she travels.

Aromatherapy Massage

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A massage at a beautiful spa is a thoughtful gift. Since many luxury spas now offer a range of massage treatments, it's even easier to make a unique gift out of it. Treatments offered by just one spa can include aromatherapy massage, shiatsu, reiki, hot stone, reflexology and even four-handed massages.

More Unusual Gifts

Give the gift of a "New York minute" from The Commemorative Edition NY Minute clock. The birthday girl will receive a small mounted clock showing the exact minute that she now owns, as well as an inscription of the date and serial number. Food-inspired jewelry, like a chocolate truffle ring or cupcake pendant would be fun for a girl with a sweet tooth. A budding photographer may already know about Lomography film photography, the art of taking photos "from the hip." There is a wide range of Lomography cameras, large and small, that make unique gifts for nearly any 18-year-old girl's birthday.