Unique Baptism Gifts for Boys

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To mark a baptism, it is traditional to give a gift of material value. The classic baptism gifts for boys have fallen out of fashion in recent years and have been replaced with cash gifts and financial contributions, which lack the charm of the silver spoons, cups and rattles of old. However, with careful thought, it is possible to provide baptism gifts that boys will treasure for life and that they may even hand down to future generations.

Lovely Toys

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When choosing a gift for a baby boy, it is natural to want to give something the little one will appreciate before reaching adulthood. By choosing a toy from a prestige brand, you can present the baby with a gift he will love as he grows up. Gifts such as a well-made rocking horse, a luxury brand bear or an elegant train set will increase in value as they age and may become heirloom pieces in their own right.


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Any parent will tell you that babies grow very quickly. Thus, parents will be grateful for a thoughtful baptism gift that helps them record those precious early years with their little boy. Attractive photograph albums and frames will always be welcomed. If you are a godparent, you could experiment with a scrapbook or begin writing a lifetime diary that you could keep for your godson until he is old enough to take part.

Plant a Tree

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If the baby comes from a family concerned about the environment, planting a tree in honor of the baptism is a gesture that will be appreciated. Beyond the ecological benefits of planting a tree, the boy will enjoy having a plant in the family garden that is uniquely his as he grows. Fruit trees are a gift that will keep on giving and there will be plenty of cute photo opportunities when you measure the growing boy against the tree.

A Work of Art

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If you want to give a gift that the child will appreciate as an adult, you might want to give an original painting. An attractive painting by an up-and-coming artist is a sophisticated yet affordable gift that the recipient will be proud to display in his future home. If you choose wisely, paintings can increase a great deal in value, making this an ideal investment for the baby's future.