Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gift List

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Every anniversary marks another special year with the person you love most in the world. You want to get your spouse something that reflects just how much he means to you. If you're stuck on what to get your spouse, consider the traditional materials that mark some major milestones in your relationship.

First Wedding Anniversary

The traditional first year gift is paper. Write your wife a love letter or create a poem that tells her just how much she means to you. Exercise your creativity by painting her a picture or putting together a scrapbook of memories from the past year. If she loves music or theater, you can buy tickets to a concert or to a play. For your husband, you can purchase cigars, tickets to his favorite sporting event or a subscription to his favorite magazine. You could also buy him a map of the world and mark the places you want to go together.

Fifth Wedding Anniversary

Wood is the traditional gift for your fifth anniversary. Buy your wife an engraved wooden keepsake or jewelry box. You could get her a wooden clock so you can keep track of your time together. Perhaps you can buy your husband a wooden picture frame so he can keep a picture of the two of you in his office. A romantic weekend at a log cabin could be the perfect gift for you both.

10th Wedding Anniversary

For your 10th anniversary, give your spouse something made of tin. If you're having a hard time finding tin, try aluminum instead. Your wife can enjoy tin or pewter jewelry, tin figurines, a decorative mirror or personalized keepsake. Get her an aluminum wallet or sundial. Buy your husband some tin cuff links or a tin frame. If he's a big golfer, buy him a new set of aluminum golf clubs.

25th Wedding Anniversary

Mark this special anniversary with silver. Your husband will love a silver money clip, tie tack or cuff links. Depending on his interests, you can buy him a belt buckle, new watch or shaving accessories. For your wife, buy her a beautiful silver necklace, ring or pair of earrings. If she likes to entertain, a new set of silverware or a silver serving platter may be the perfect gift. Perhaps she'll love a silver photo album or a trinket box. Since silver is easy to engrave, personalize whatever you give to your spouse to make it even more memorable.

50th Wedding Anniversary

You’ve spent five amazing decades together. Celebrate a marriage that lasts this long with gold. Put a special spin on flowers for your wife and buy them made of gold. Gold jewelry, a pin or brooch or a golden picture frame are all good options. You can buy an anniversary plate, crystal ornamented with gold or a gorgeous gold anniversary band. Try something gold colored, like a beautiful silk scarf or robe. For your husband, buy him a gold tie clip or cuff links, a gold flask or decorated decanter or even a gold tie.