Traditional 30th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

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Known as the pearl anniversary, a thirtieth wedding anniversary is a monumental event in a marriage. Traditional gifts given to celebrate 30 years of nuptials are centered around pearls, as the name suggests. There are a number of gifts for a thirtieth anniversary that incorporate the tradition of pearl. Whether you are on a shoestring budget or the sky is the limit, you are bound to find something that will be meaningful and touching.


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Perhaps the easiest way to incorporate the tradition of pearls for the thirtieth wedding anniversary is through jewelry. You can purchase your wife pearl earrings, a ring, a necklace or a bracelet. Other accessories that may be made of pearl are brooches and pendants. For your husband, purchase a watch that has a pearl on the face or cuff links made of pearl.


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If you're seeking a gift to give a couple celebrating 30 years of marriage, select something that's made out of mother-of-pearl to incorporate tradition. A bowl or a vase made of mother-of-pearl is an option, so is a picture frame displaying a picture from the couples' wedding day. Mother-of-pearl can also be used in dinnerware, such as plates and cutlery.


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Stemware adorned with pearls is an option for a traditional pearl anniversary gift. The pearls can be inside the stem of glass, or if the stemware is made of material other than glass, such as sterling silver, pearls can be affixed along the outside of the glass.

Go Pearling

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A trip is always a good idea, and you can center the trip around tradition by picking a destination where pearling is part of the culture. Places like Tahiti, Bora Bora, Fiji and Australia are known for their pearling history. Try to find pearls on your vacation or get some from the gift shop.

Pearl Anniversary Rose

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An unusual idea for a thirtieth anniversary gift is to plant a pearl anniversary rose bush (Whitston Rose). Roses are a traditional symbol of love. The blooms on this rose bush are a light pink, and they last through out the summer. This is a gift that keeps on giving as you will be able to enjoy the blooms for years to come. Each summer as you sit on your patio, you can reflect on your wedding anniversary and the love you that you and your spouse share.