How to Track a Cell Phone Device

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Believe it or no but you don't need to be James Bond or have special security clearance to track the location of a cell phone . In all reality you can track a cell phone quite easily , follow the simple steps below to find out how .

Consider Purchasing Cell Phone Tracking Software

Cell phone tracking software is a program you upload to a cell phone that gives you the ability to track the location of the cell 24 hours a day . Keep in mind you will need to have the cell phone in your possession to install the tracking software .

Research Tracking Software

Before you purchase tracking software you may want to read reviews to find out which is best for you . You can read reviews on tracking software and other devices on websites such as consumerreports.org .

Purchase Tracking Software

When purchasing the software you should make sure that the phone you wish to track is compatible with this software , you should be able to find this information on the company's main website . As far as where to purchase , I suggest trying one of the many security supplies store or specialty stores such as guardianangeltech.com/tracking.htm

Note : Some companies will require you to pay a monthly tracking fee , this fee is usually around $40 - $60 per month.

Install and Utilize

Okay so now that you have purchased the tracking software , you will need to install it to the phone . Connect the cell phone to a USB outlet and put the software in the CD drive . Follow the simple onscreen instructions to successfully upload the software to the cell phone.

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