Tips for a Man's Graduation Gift

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Whether it's a graduation from college, graduate school, or any other such type of program, a graduation is a huge accomplishment. It signifies that a person has successfully overcome every challenge that he has faced during his educational program. As a result, such an accomplishment should be treated with a special gift. With a little thought and consideration, the perfect graduation gift for the special guy in your life can be easy to find.

Money & Gift Cards

One of the main things that any graduate will need as he enters into the next phase of his life upon graduation is money. Pick out a nice, meaningful card and put an amount that you can afford inside. Don't get too caught up on not being able to give him a significant amount of money. Anything that you can offer would be helpful. You can also give him a gift card instead. Gas cards are always useful, especially if he owns a car that has a low mileage rate per gallon. Or, you can give him a gift card to his favorite store or to the movies, if he is a film buff.


When you're trying to figure out a unique gift to get a guy for graduation, consider a gadget gift. Think about his hobbies, or what he might need after graduation, and get him a gadget gift that coincides with that. For example, if he enjoys drinking wine, give him an automated wine aerator or a digital corkscrew. Or, if he's heading into a filmmaking career, give him an advanced video camera or camera accessories that he'll find useful. Depending on your budget, you can also give the special graduate an gadget like the Ipad to commemorate his big day. Regardless of what field he's going into, this will be a particularly useful gift.

Naturally, the gadget gift you can give him will depend on your budget, so make sure to shop around online, as well as in gadget stores like Brookstone.

Briefcases and Portfolios

According to, a great gift to get a guy who is graduating is a leather briefcase or portfolio. If a man is entering into the business, law or medicine field, he will probably have a lot of files to keep up with and notes to take down. Depending on your budget, you can get him a briefcase or portfolio, or opt for both. If you have a lot of room in your budget, you can make this gift extra special by getting it engraved with his name or initials.