Themed Birthday Ideas for a 60 Year Old Man

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Birthday celebrations can be even more fun and exciting with a well-chosen theme. For a 60-year-old man's birthday celebration, plenty of enjoyable themes are available to spice things up and get the creative juices flowing. Consider his hobbies and life when choosing a successful and entertaining birthday celebration theme.

Costume Parties Images

Get guests into party mode with an easy costume theme. Tell everyone to dress up as the birthday boy; you'll get enough creative caricatures to get everyone laughing. Or, instruct guests to dress and do their hair in the style of the year the birthday boy was born. You could also choose the birthday boy's favorite childhood TV show, such as "Father Knows Best," and tell guests to dress as character. Or, instruct everyone to dress in a garish fashion fad from the past, such as coonskin caps or bell-bottoms.

Destination Themes

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If the birthday boy loves to travel, try a destination theme. Shovel sand into your backyard and set up inflatable cacti and "mirages" (cardboard cut-outs of the birthday boy) for a desert-themed party. Serve refreshments at the "oasis." You could also build a cardboard miniature Eiffel Tower in your backyard, set up city backdrops around the perimeter and have a Paris-themed party. Tell guests to wear berets, set up lights and hire a photographer to take professional shots. Or, transport the guests to an Argentine parrilla with colorful streamers, an open grill, tango music and lessons. Set up tables and clear space for a dance floor.

Outings at Home

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Don't take the birthday boy out for his birthday; instead, stay at home and bring the party to him. Rent poker and blackjack tables, hire dealers for the night, and hold a casino party. Tell guests to dress formally and distribute pennies for gambling. Or, set up tables and a stage area in your backyard, hire a drama troupe for the evening and have a murder mystery dinner theater celebration. You could also push your furniture against the wall, cover the floor with green felt and tell guests to dress in golf attire (visors, plaid or sweater vests). Pass out putters and balls and set up "holes" in every room, using small ramps and cups. Serve cocktails and pass out golf towels as party favors.

Game Themes

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For a 60-year-old birthday boy who's young at heart, a day of games can make him feel like a kid again. Tell all your guests to wear "play clothes," and invite them over for a game-themed party. Set up tables in each room of your home with different board games. Sound a buzzer every 15 minutes and have guests rotate to the next table. Or, hire a professional bingo caller and host a bingo tournament party. You could also have a Go Fish or Texas Hold 'Em tournament, or split into teams and play a trivia game. Use the birthday boy's birth decade for questions.