The World's Best Perfumes for Men

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There seems to be a competition now between men and women as to who can smell the best. Men's perfume sales have shot up in the past few years and men have become much more conscious of grooming and personal hygiene. Men want to smell good, and there are many perfumes out now from which they can choose.

Types of Aromas

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Men's perfumes fall into the categories of masculine, powerful, cool, virile, musky, animalistic, sophistication and fresh. So depending on the mood or impression you wish to give, there are plenty of choices. Bear in mind, however, that perfume smells different on each person.

Some of the Best

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Some popular men's perfumes in 2010 include Grey Vetiver by Tom Ford. This one starts off with a citrus scent that develops into a deep woody scent. Vintage Black by Kenneth Cole is a masculine, powerful scent that also starts off with a citrus scent but develops into a deep musky smell. Ferrari Black By Ferrari For Men is a light scent and is good to wear for work as it isn't overpowering. It has a slightly woody smell. Jean Paul Gaultier's Le Male has a muscular-looking bottle for a muscular man. Obsession by Calvin Klein For Men is popular with both men and women; it takes some time for the scent to develop, but then it is strong and powerful. Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit De L'Homme has an earthy smell and is nice for intimate moments. Lanvin L'Homme Sport offers a musky, animalistic aroma that is rumored to draw in women.

Don 't Overwhelm

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Perfumes need to be subtle as women do not like having their perfume overpowered by a man's, plus many people are sensitive to scents and can even become sick from exposure to them.