The Best Wedding Planner Gift Ideas

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With many couples choosing to get married amid busy work schedules and family life, wedding planners are becoming more in demand than ever. Wedding planners deal with vendors, scheduling and even bridal party meltdowns in their hectic profession. Show your appreciation for your wedding planner by sending a thoughtful gift after your big day.


Being a part of your special day means that a personal gift will mean a lot to the person who helped you get there. Send a personal gift to your wedding planner in the form of a photo. Get a fancy frame and beautiful wrapping paper and send it to her office for a touching surprise gift. If you have gotten to know your planner well, send her a gift basket full of her favorite wine and cheeses. You can add a personal touch by sending a souvenir from your honeymoon; for instance, if you go to Spain, pick up a bottle of Jerez Sherry to put in the basket with a cute scarf or stationery.


Just because your planner was doing her job doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve a little extra when the wedding day has come and gone. If she has done an exceptional job or if something made her task particularly difficult, such as disagreeable family member or a bridal party disaster, send her a bonus and a card for her troubles. If she saved you a lot of money by booking a certain vendor or caterer, show her some appreciation for her hard work.

Gift Cards

Everyone loves to be pampered, especially if they have a busy job and not a lot of spare time. Give your wedding planner a gift card for her favorite store or a gift certificate for a spa day in her town. This ensures that she will spend your little token on herself.


The greatest gift for all wedding planners is the good word of a satisfied client. Be sure to rave about your planner to newly engaged friends. Planners are also likely to give discounts for referrals and to the referred client. If you have truly appreciated your planner’s hard work, offer to link her business on your website or on the website where you publish your wedding photos. This will get her business increased exposure and is likely to land her a few more satisfied customers in the future.