The Best Gifts for Boys Age 13

As boys move into teenage years they experience many chances, including a change in the types of presents they desire. When picking a present for the 13-year-old in your life, balance it between playful and serious. By selecting gift that is youthful but not childish, you may find that you've scored a hit with the 13-year-old.


As the 13-year-old transitions from childhood to teen years, buy him a mature gift to mark the occasion. Get him a watch as a token of the increased responsibility he will take on as a mature young adult. To make the gift more meaningful, have it engraved with a message to him.

Gift Card

If your teen is just too hard to possibly please, give him a gift card in place of a purchased present, and allow him to pick his own present. Select a gift card to a store that he frequents or that he always begs you to go to. Instead of going with him to spend these electronic funds, let him take the trip to the mall with his friends.

Grooming Kit

As the boy transitions from child to teenager he will eventually start to do some things that he didn’t have to before, such as shaving. Give the guy what he needs to do this mature tasks by buying him a grooming kit. Seek a kit that contains an assortment of personal hygiene tools and a storage bag so he can keep these new items sorted and ready for use.

Outdoor Toy

Just because the 13-year-old is now officially a teen doesn’t mean that he doesn’t enjoy a bit of play. Get your newly minted teen a mature outdoor toy to burn off some energy with. Buy him a pogo stick or moon shoes so he can bounce around with his friends. Since he is still several years away from driving age, a bike may also prove a wise choice -- something to get around with until he gets a car.