The Best Gift Cards for Men

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Getting the man in your life the perfect gift can be challenging, especially when you are unsure what he would get the most from. As such, a gift card may be the better gift option so that he can choose exactly what he wants for his birthday, holidays, or other special occasions. When choosing the perfect gift card for a man, consider what it is he needs and wants most.

Concerts and Sporting Events

Perhaps the man for whom you are buying a gift loves live entertainment and sporting events. If so, a gift card to Ticketmaster or other major ticketing outlet is the perfect gift for him. The man in your life can use such cards toward the purchase of concerts, sporting events, or family attractions. They can also be used for theater and other performance arts events, as well. Ticketmaster gift cards range in values from $25 to $250. Alternately, consider a gift card to the local movie theater.

Male Grooming

Gift certificates to barbershops are the perfect gift for a man who loves to ensure his hair is always cut and his beard always neat. Purchase a gift certificate in the value of two to four haircuts or shaves for the man in your life. Alternately, you may purchase a gift certificate to the Art of Shaving or Khiel's where a man can purchase his favorite grooming products.


If the man in your life has an affinity for electronics and gadgets, a gift card to a store specializing in electronics is the perfect gift for him. Choose a card in an amount that will either cover the entire or half the cost of an electronic item he may be interested in. Gift cards from stores like Best Buy, Radio Shack, or Fryes offer much shopping opportunity for the man.

Thrill Seeking Events

If your man is a thrill-seeker, give a gift card to satisfy his appetite for adventure. Purchase him a gift card to the local amusement park, like Six Flags, for example. Also consider a gift card for a bungee jump, skydive, or zip line adventure.. If he is a racing fan, purchase a gift card for a trip around a Nascar track.