Romantic Ideas for When Your Husband Gets Home From a Long Trip

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You’re counting down the days until hubby gets home, and you can’t wait to see him. After all, this trip was longer than most – two weeks. Being apart for a long period is difficult for any couple, even a couple as close as you and he are. If he is tired from his travels, a romantic evening will give you two a chance to spend quality time together.

Home Spa Night

Create a home spa that encourages relaxation and romance. Clean the bathroom, buy scented candles and place them around the bathtub. No, it’s not a cliched symbol. It still counts as a tried-and–true romantic gesture. As soon as he enters the door, surprise him in your slinky bathrobe and ask him to change. Draw a hot bath that has sandalwood or musk bath scents and let him unwind. After his bath, lead him to the bedroom and give him a Swedish massage around his back and shoulders. Not only will this relieve some of the trip-related stress, but massage is a strong bonding mechanism for you and your husband, says

Romantic Meal

Create a romantic atmosphere and serve a special meal you’ve made. Perhaps chicken cacciatore or a variation of surf-and-turf with a delicate filet mignon and Caesar salad with grilled salmon. If you don’t have much time, put a pork shoulder in the slow cooker, make pulled pork and serve it with a dark beer and a Tex-Mex salad. Or, if simple gourmet is your thing, grill him a blackened burger with bleu cheese and serve it with a heady beer. For dessert, make a simple but delicious dark chocolate cake using cake flour, and top the cake with chocolate whipped cream rosettes that you piped around the edge. Besides being yummy, dark chocolate produces the same chemical you feel when you are falling in love, says MSN Healthy Living. Play his favorite music and turn down the lights. If you have kids, hire that reliable teen down the street to watch your kids for the night. Or, take the kids to your mom -- or his mom -- who has been begging for months to let the kids stay at her house.

Movie Night

Plan a romantic movie night. Turn down the lights and cuddle up to him on the sofa or in bed. Go all out and make hot buttered popcorn and serve chocolate bon bons on a tray. The long trip may leave him tired, but a flickering candle lends additional atmosphere as you snuggle under your fluffy down comforter. If he falls asleep in the middle of the movie, don’t fret. Tomorrow is another night.


As you plan a romantic evening, he may need time to acclimate after his trip. When he walks in the door – he will be tired. So, don't take it personally if he’s distant and says “Meh” to your advances. As scary as that might seem, it’s not you he’s reacting against. He's exhausted from travel. And, don't take offense if he doesn't take a second helping of the incredible meal you spent so much time making -- just wait until tomorrow to set the rest of your plan in motion.