Romantic Ideas for Boyfriends in Long Distant Relationships

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Whether you're separated for a short amount of time or you haven't had the opportunity to meet in person yet, you can surprise your boyfriend with a little romance to keep your long-distance relationship fresh. You can send him a keepsake he'll cherish for years to come or even plan a romantic date together while you're still miles or oceans apart.

Make Some Plans

Plan a vacation together to help pass the time and build excitement. Instead of getting together at your home or his, plan a romantic getaway to a cozy bed-and-breakfast, remote cabin or luxurious hotel. Even if the vacation is a while away, the two of you can research destinations and romantic activities and then share your ideas through email. If a vacation isn't possible, plan your next get-together at home, detailing the activities you'd like to engage in and places you would like to show your boyfriend.

Back and Forth

Instead of sending individual letters, pick up a journal and write your letter on the first page. Send it off to your boyfriend so he can fill the next page. When the journal is full, you’ll have a sentimental keepsake. If you don’t have a lot of time for letter writing, use the journal to send short love notes or ask your boyfriend one question and have him answer and jot down one of his own. Keep it up to continue to get to know each other better. If you'd like to send individual letters, add a dab of your favorite perfume to each one and have him dab his cologne on each of his.

Photo Romance

Start a photo album online so you can see your boyfriend every day and he can see you too. Use a digital camera to take one photo of yourself each day and have your boyfriend do the same. Upload them simultaneously in the evening to get a peak at each other at the same time. If a picture just isn’t enough, record a video to upload instead or pick up a webcam and share a long-distance evening together. You can prepare the same candlelight dinner, draw a bubble bath or relax in front of the fireplace and set up the webcam across from you to share the experience.

Handmade Keepsakes

Transform a pad of post-it notes into a romantic countdown until you'll meet again. Count out the number of pages that coordinates with the number of days remaining and then write one message of love on each page. You can hand-stitch stuffed animals, embellish picture frames or make a salt-dough pendant cut in the shape of a heart and textured with your thumb or fingerprint. You can make or decorate a keepsake box for your boyfriend to store all your treasures or hand-embroider a pillowcase with both of your initials. If it has been a while since you've been together, have a shower at night and then allow your wet hair to rest on a pillowcase that, in the morning, you will mail to him in order to remind him of your scent.