Romantic Easter Basket Ideas

by Monica Patrick ; Updated September 28, 2017

The giving of Easter baskets is tradition for this spring holiday. Wicker, plastic and tin baskets are filled with chocolate bunnies, marshmallow treats and jelly beans. This basket gifts are given as commemoration of the special day. Easter baskets aren't just for kids either. Grown ups like them, too. Use our romantic Easter basket ideas for your sweetheart or spouse.

Couples Baskets

Give a newly married couple a romantic Easter basket. First place your favorite wine into the bottom of the basket along with two wine glasses. Surround the bottle with tempting treats the couple can share. You can add a mini fondue set. They could share chocolate fondue while enjoying their wine. Or if you like crafting make some Easter chocolates. Use melted chocolates and molds like bunny paws or rabbit faces. Add a dozen ruby red plastic Easter eggs and tuck little messages in each one. For example one little note could say, "Hop on over here and give me a kiss."

For Him

Every guy loves big chocolate bunnies. First tuck a large solid chocolate bunny into his basket. Then for a little romantic fun use blue wrapping paper to wrap up some novelty briefs. You could buy him some silky boxers with bunnies all over them. Or whatever you like that says "Happy Easter". Men love savory treats, too. Give your sweetheart a salty savory party mix you made yourself. Wrap it up in some cellophane bags and tie it with a blue bow. For joke value add a pair of blue bunny ears on a headband.

For Her

Make her Easter basket as sweet as she is. Give her some mini chocolate bunnies in a variety of flavors like milk, dark and white. Slip a novelty nightie into the basket. It might be as racy as a teddy complete with fluffy bunny tail. Or just a short nightie in her favorite Easter color. For a bit of sexy whimsy give her a pair of fluffy pink bunny ears that light up in the dark. Include a small bottle of honey and tie a note around it. It could say, "You're my honey bunny."

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