What Is an Appropriate Gift for a Quinceanera?

Quinceanera celebrations are a time-honored tradition in the Latin community, serving to recognize the 15th birthday of a girl moving into womanhood. Although a quinceanera party can have a traditional or modern feel, you can't go wrong with gifts that have a religious theme, relate to the ceremony or party, let the young woman shop for herself or, in general, are suitable for teenagers.

Religious-Themed Gifts

A church service is typically a key element of the quinceanera celebration, so many people give religious-themed gifts to the young woman. Buy a Bible and write a personalized message inside the cover, give a rosary or a piece of religious jewelry, such as a necklace or bracelet. Because of the prevalence of these gifts at quinceanera celebrations, it's best to coordinate with the young woman's parents or other close relatives to ensure they aren't planning to get her the same item.

Help With the Party

Many quinceanera celebrations include a party that can be expensive. If you're a family member, your gift can come in the form of paying for an element of the party. For example, pay for the fancy dress that the young woman wears or buy a tiara that she can don during the party. You can also offer to pay for any of the party's extravagant elements, such as the mariachi band, quinceanera cake or professional photographer. Stay away from giving a pair of heels; the young woman's father traditionally gives this gift. In the same manner, a doll is a common gift at the celebration, but the young woman's godparents typically give this gift.

Cash and Gift Cards

It's appropriate to give cash or a gift card to allow the young woman to shop for clothing or accessories that she'll need as she moves out of childhood. If you're looking for a gift card, think of a clothing store, jewelry store or a shop that teenagers frequent. Depending on her areas of interest, a gift card to an electronics store, craft store or music store are also viable options. The amount you give depends on how close you are with the young woman or her family.

Gifts for Teenagers

While close family members typically give quinceanera gifts that are traditional or important to the ceremony, friends and those who aren't close to the young woman can stick with everyday gifts that she'd enjoy. Think of her areas of interest and buy something you know she'll love. Ideas include clothing, tickets to a concert, movie theater or theme park or electronics such as a tablet or digital camera. If you've been friends for a long time, put together a custom album or photo book full of images of you and the young woman throughout the years.