Queen for a Day Ideas

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The very popular daytime show "Queen for a Day" aired on the radio in 1945 and moved to television in 1956. The show featured real women with real-life troubles who told stories to compete for the title of "Queen for a Day" and receive prizes. Pamper a special girl or woman in your life by declaring her "Queen for a Day."

Do Some Chores

Declare the woman in your life "Queen for a Day" by relieving her of daily household chores. Wash the dishes, run errands and vacuum the floor so the "Queen" can spend time doing the things she enjoys instead. Watch the "Queen's" routine for a week or two prior to her special day so you can have an idea of the chores that need to be completed and the way she likes them done. Be sure to do the chores as thoroughly as she does so she does not feel compelled to do them over again.

Your Wish is My Command

Make a wand from a dowel stick with a Styrofoam star or heart stuck on the end. This "magic" wand will provide the "Queen for a Day" with the ability to wave her scepter and have her wishes granted. Of course, there must be parameters set, especially with a younger "Queen" who might request something impossible or unreasonable. But the wand will have the "power" to make a special dinner appear or will give the "Queen" the ability to choose the movie that the family watches that night.

Day of Pampering

Queens are used to being pampered. Though your "Queen" may not be used to the royal treatment every day, she will appreciate it on her special day. Arrange for a day at a local spa or salon to give your "Queen" something to smile about. A shopping spree and a nice dinner out will make her feel special.

Royal Party

To really emphasize the "Queen for a Day" theme, host a party in her honor. Use royal colors such as red, purple and deep blue to decorate, and include crown and castle images to further support the theme. Serve the "Queen's" favorite food and invite her favorite people for a day of fun and royal treatment.