My Husband Is Turning 50 Years Old And I Need Gift Ideas

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Your husband's 50th birthday is a milestone that calls for a special gift beyond the old standbys like boxers and cologne. Whether you are on a tight budget or have some money saved for a rainy day, giving your husband a gift he'll always remember is only limited by your imagination. Planning ahead with thoughtful consideration is the key to building on gift ideas that are sure to put a smile on your husband's face.

A New Wardrobe

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Husbands often neglect their wardrobes and wind up wearing clothes that look a bit outdated. Treat your husband to an all-new wardrobe with classic pieces that he'll reach for every time. Build his wardrobe with three to four pairs of pants including jeans and two pairs of modern-fit casual pants in updated colors such as charcoal gray and olive green. Add four shirts in colors that suit your husband's taste, but also feature a touch of trendy style that adds interest to his normal ensemble. Opt for fine-gauge or lightweight cotton-knits in weathered or "washed" textures that feel casual without looking sloppy. Complete the look with a pair of leather tennis shoes in a rich dark-brown color for a more sophisticated look. Package your husband's presents in bright cheerful wrappings and tell him you're taking him out for dinner as soon as he figures out what he wants to wear.

Customize His Car

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Outfit your husband's car with the latest accessories designed for navigation, safety and comfortable car travel. Purchase a quality navigator and your husband will never have to ask for directions again. Make him more comfortable in the driver's seat with a back-support system that cushions his lower lumbar. Give your husband an easier commute to work with a deluxe travel mug that stays put and won't leak. Keep him safe behind the wheel with a hands-free cell phone device that allows him to talk and keep his main focus on the road. Give your husband (and yourself) peace of mind with an emergency rescue device that features a blade for cutting seat belts, a pinpoint for breaking auto glass, a flashlight and a puncture point for deflating deployed airbags. Top it all off with a car detail and stock the console with a few fast-food gift cards for your husband to grab coffee or breakfast on the run.

A Trip to Maui

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Give your husband the gift of a lifetime with a trip to Maui. Present him with a small box that contains two airline tickets to a tropical paradise vacation. Plan ahead for all the details to make his birthday vacation a dream come true. Book a hotel that accommodates special requests for celebrations and plan at least one activity your husband has always wanted to try such as scuba diving, snorkeling, or deep-sea fishing. If you plan a trip during the winter months, be sure to book a whale-watching excursion. Rent a convertible Mustang for sightseeing and drive the Hana Highway to the Hasegawa General Store. This simple, quiet general store carries sundries and food for the local area. If your husband likes beer and soft-drink openers and koozies (don't they all?), he will find many to choose from at the General Store.