Middle School Graduation Gift Ideas

Middle school graduations are sometimes overlooked, but are still good occasions to celebrate a child’s accomplishments. Finding the perfect graduation gift for a middle school graduate can be a bit tricky, but the following ideas should help you find the right gift.

Photo Album

A good sentimental gift for your graduate is a photo album. Fill the photo album with pictures of the grad’s friends and family during her time in middle school. For the creative person, creating a scrapbook with captions is a good way to present the gift. Space can be left at the end of the photo album for high school memories.

Digital Camera

If your graduate does not have his own digital camera yet, giving one for his middle school graduation gift is a good idea. High school is a time for making memories, and having a digital camera helps students capture good times. Also, a digital camera is a good way to teach students responsibility about how to care for electronics. Digital cameras can be purchased for a reasonable price online or at discount stores.

High School Clothing

Middle school is a tricky time for most people and going to a new high school does not make it any easier. One way to make your grad feel more confident is by taking her shopping for new clothing. Setting a limit is a good way to teach your child budgeting skills as well. Another way to set a limit is to give your grad a gift card and let her spend it how she wants. If your student is not into clothes shopping, giving a sweatshirt with the name of her future high school on it is a good gift idea.

Listen to your Grad

Listening to your grad will help you choose the perfect graduation present for him. Sometimes kids drop subtle hints, so it is good to pay attention to what they say before the graduation. If he is hinting for something that is too expensive, you can always give a check to help pay for the gift he really wants. Another idea is to ask family members to go in on a larger present for the grad.