Ladies Sleepover Ideas

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Women often host "ladies night out" to compensate for lost time together, but the venue is typically a local hot spot with other people around and not enough opportunities to connect. If you're looking to switch up your usual routine, host an adult ladies sleepover. Your lady friends are likely to be thrilled about the "new" idea and are probably itching to get together for a night of laughing, gossiping and indulging in chick flicks and delicious treats.

Send Out Invitations

Forget calling your friends and asking if they're going to be able to make it to your event this weekend. Instead, design and print out nifty invitations and hand them out personally. Get creative with your invitations. Create mini "magazine covers" with your friend's photo and an announcement for the ladies sleepover. If desired, you may request that your friend bring something to make the night a little more personal, such as a favorite board game or food dish.

It's a Pajama Party

Because it's a slumber party, pajamas are required. Silly pajamas, such as over-sized slippers, outrageous fluffy robes and shower caps are encouraged. Wear your hair in rollers. Relax. Be yourself. The funnier the PJs, the better. Any sleeping attire that will create laughter or act as a conversation piece is ideal. However, even if you don't have anything "out-there," regular sleeping attire is acceptable.

Adult Slumber Party Activities

Depending on how much you decide to plan in advance, the slumber party may be as simple as watching movies while wearing facial masks or as complex as creating scrapbooks reminiscent of old memories. Other activities may include dancing to your favorite tunes, baking goodies that you've been avoiding or engaging in games you used to play as teens, such as "Truth or Dare" or "Twister." Keep things interesting by playing a game involving questions. Each woman writes down a question on a strip of paper and then stuffs it in a hat. The hat is passed around and each woman must draw a question and answer it. Questions may include "Who was your first high school crush and why?" or they may be simple statements such as "Describe the most embarrassing moment from your past." Games like these encourage communication and help to make events more memorable.

Late Night Snacks

Easy-to-make and ready-to-eat snacks are ideal for a ladies night out slumber party. Having to cook during the middle of a deep conversation really ruins the vibe. Snacks could include popcorn or pretzels, ice cream or frozen yogurt and sandwiches cut in quarters. Drinks may be anything from juice pouches to soda, or bottled water to martinis. Sweets like cookies and chocolates may also be on hand for those ladies with a sweet tooth.