Inexpensive Token Gifts

by Cherrine Banks

Inexpensive token gifts can be given for holiday celebrations or office presents. The gifts can also be used to say thank you, such as to a neighbor. You can stay within your budget, whether buying for one person or more. Some token gifts can include gift certificates to national stores or restaurants.

Beef Barbecue Recipe Book

If your gift recipient enjoys eating barbecue food, you can purchase a beef barbecue recipe book as a token gift. This token gift can work well for new cooks and cooking professionals. The recipe book should have recipes for main dishes, side dishes or salads. Purchase the recipe book from a bookstore or gift shop.

Dessert Mix Bag

Few people can resist having dessert. Purchase a dessert mix bag for the person who loves sweets. Types of dessert mixes can include muffins, cakes and brownies. If the gift recipient does not bake, add a set of recipes. You can find small gift bags from stores and place the mixes inside. Otherwise, place the dessert mixes inside a holiday stocking.

Ice Cream Shop Gift Certificate

Give an ice cream shop gift certificate as an inexpensive token present. Your gift recipient can visit the ice cream shop when it is convenient. Cheaper ice cream-related treats can include small cones and crushed flavored ice. You can give the gift year-round, including in the holiday season. Look for ice cream shop gift certificates with an expiration date at least three months away.

Note Cards and Book of Stamps

You can give a set of note cards to your gift recipient. Choose blank cards, so the gift recipient can hand-write messages. Add a book of stamps for sending the cards. These smaller gifts can be placed inside a Christmas stocking or a bag. Find note cards at stationery stores and purchase stamps from the post office.

Pair of Outdoor Gloves

Treat your gift recipient to a pair of outdoor gloves. Purchase a larger size when you do not know the person's hand size. Color options can include dark brown, green or tan. Save money and keep the gloves simple without decorative patterns. You can find these gloves at clothing stores and outdoor gear shops.

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