Inexpensive Gifts for Men Who Have Everything

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If you think he has everything, like the latest expensive high-tech gadgets or the imported car that cost more than two years' rent, think again. Skip the bank-breaking gifts and go for inexpensive ones that require time and thought, like a gift basket or a personalized picture frame. He’ll cherish those gifts much more.

Gift Baskets

For a horror movie buff, include classic movies like “Hell Raiser” and “Friday the 13th.” Make it a true movie fest and add in packs of microwave popcorn and a six pack of his favorite soda. Include the vintage candy he used to eat as a kid. Sure, he just bought a year’s membership at the fancy gym down the street, but he never has the incentive to hop into his car and go. For a fitness buff, give him gift basket filled with exercise gear like a new pair of sneakers and a basketball. He'll be able to get in a quick game with his buddies during lunch hour. He loves golf but has the worst golf swing. Include a new set of golf balls in the basket to replace the ones left in the sand traps.


Engrave his name or initials onto items like a money clip or a wallet. Purchase items for his desk at work like a stapler or a silver paper holder. Personalize the gifts with his initials engraved onto them. Give him a sterling silver picture frame. Personalize it with a cherished picture of the two of you or a picture of his parents. Purchase a book by his favorite author. Inside the flap, include a personal message, detailing why he means so much to you. Create a scrapbook with his most cherished photos. Include childhood photos of his family, as well as pictures of the two of you and his friends.


Some inexpensive gadgets include an over-the-ear hands-free book light so he can read before bed. Make computer use a little easier with a wireless desk mouse. Digital photo-frame key rings allow him to insert pictures of his choice. A Wi-Fi finder key chain is a practical gift for a guy who carries along his laptop wherever he goes. With the press of a single button, this key chain detects most available spots that have Wi-Fi within 200 feet. (See Resources.) Other inexpensive gadget gifts include portable JBL speaker system or an iPod stand.

Other Ideas

Give him a personalized T-shirt with his picture or a funny image on it. For a grill master, give him outdoor cooking utensils. Bake his favorite cookies and present them in a decorative gift box. Purchase a gift certificate to his favorite restaurant or sporting-goods store.