Inexpensive Gifts for a 15-Year-Old Boy Images

Teenage boys can be difficult to buy for, especially when everything they want is electronic or technology driven and carries a high price tag. However, there are many inventive and fun gifts that will make any teen guy excited and won't empty your wallet at the same time.


Teenage boys are very into movies and music so a CD or DVD is a safe option. Get the newest CD from one of his favorite music groups. Or get a new movie release starring one of his favorite actors. If he doesn't own many movies, you can go for purchasing a couple of older movies. Older movies are available at a reduced price at box stores such as as Walmart and Target or you can buy previously viewed copies from movie rental stores such as Blockbuster.

Magazine Subscriptions

Magazine subscriptions can be purchased inexpensively online and make a good gift for a teenage boy. Choose a magazine of interest to the teenager such as a sports magaine, a computergaming magazine or a magazine geared toward a specific hobby such ascamping, riding, or shooting. It's not only a fun gift, but alsoone that he will keep on getting for the length of the subscription.


Teenage boys seem to always need toiletries. . While this might not sound like the most exciting category for presents, items such as a brand specific deodorant, a new cologne, whitening tooth products and hair styling aids might be greatly appreciated. Put together a basket containing a couple of choices for a personalized gift.

Gift Card

Fast food gift cards are a perfect choice for a hungry teenage boy on the go. The gift cards do not have to be for much, as every little bit will be appreciated Gift cards to music stores or online music sources are also great options because teenage boys love music and many have devices or phones to which they can download music.


Fifteen-year-old boys are nearing the age where they can get driver’s permits or license and can even get jobs. A new wallet to hold their coveted newly gained license to drive or an identification card for a job might be a great gift. Get him a wallet to hold all his important items.