How to Impress a Girl from Argentina

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Impressing a woman is always difficult, but impressing a woman from a country other than your own is even harder. It's important to take cultural differences into consideration as you come up with clever ways to win over the lady from Argentina. Coming from "the land of silver," she likely has different likes and dislikes than other women you know. Factor in her unique background to impress her in a way she'll never forget.

Step 1

Research Argentina at your local library and learn a few facts about its language, culture and population. Impress her with information such as the country's capital is Buenos Aries or Argentina is the second largest country in South America. Dazzled her with your knowledge. Explain that you took the time to learn a few things about her country of origin because you are interested in her culture.

Step 2

Learn a few words in Spanish. This is the main language spoken in Argentina, and she'll be impressed with your efforts to speak a language she's used to hearing. Take a conversational Spanish class or ask someone fluent in Spanish to teach you a word like "amor," or love. Practice your pronunciation before showing off your newly acquired Spanish skills; you want to impress her with your efforts, not make her laugh at them.

Step 3

Prepare an authentic meal and invite the Argentinian woman in your life over for a romantic dinner for two. Because you may not be familiar with dishes like pavita relleno a la criolla or gazpacho de Mesopotamia, it's wise to invest in a cookbook like Shirley Brooks' "Argentina Cooks!: Treasured Recipes from the Nine Regions of Argentina" that showcases recipes from the area. Flip through the book and check that the ingredients you need are available in your area before you start cooking.

Step 4

Surprise the woman of your dreams with a special gift that will remind her of Argentina. Purchase a bouquet of flowers filled with flora native to the country, like the country's official flower, the ciebo. Even if you can't find a local florist that stocks this particular flower, there should be plenty of flowers that grow in Argentina at shops near you. If you prefer a less traditional route, create a gift basket of items representing the country. Include shirts, hats or other clothing sporting Argentina's flag and a variety of baked goods native to the country.

Step 5

Take your Argentinian woman to a local soccer game. Because soccer is the most loved sport in her country, attending a game with you will make her feel at home. Let her know that you know that in Argentina, the game she's watching isn't called soccer, it's known as "futbol." Even if she isn't a sports fanatic, she will find your outing to watch a sport her country loves endearing.