Ideas for Gift-Giving Trips

by Natalie Saar ; Updated September 28, 2017

Attach tickets for a fishing trip to the end of a hook.

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Giving someone tickets for a trip is a wonderful, exciting birthday or holiday present. Because you spent so much time planning the trip, you should give it to the person in a fun, unassuming way, such as inserting tickets into related items, like a suitcase or something that can be used while on the trip.


If you are giving someone a tickets for a gift, a neat way to do it is to give her a suitcase with the tickets inside. You can also wrap up other small items to throw her off until she finds the tickets, such as travel-sized toiletries, a neck pillow, warm fluffy socks and a disposable camera.

Fishing Trip

Giving someone a fishing trip is a great idea. This trip can last from a weekend away to a full week. Give him a new fishing rod--make sure it can actually be used on the trip--and hook the tickets in an envelope on the end of line. Leave it dangling so he will see it immediately. You can also put the tickets inside a tackle box if he doesn't already have one.

Event Trip

Give someone tickets to an event, like a concert or a sporting game, that isn't close to home. Give at least two tickets, unless you are tagging along. When you do this, have the event tickets on the top of a stack of paper. The person will see the event ticket and wonder how she is going to get there--and then she will see the plane tickets and hotel reservations on the bottom. This will be the ultimate surprise.

Las Vegas

Give someone a poker set or a new box of poker chips. Inside the box, slip plane tickets to Vegas. For an all-inclusive gift, give him reservations at a hotel as well. If you give tickets to a show, you can insert those into a show bill or something else that represents the type of show the person will be seeing.

Nearby Place

Plan a short weekend or day trip to a place nearby. For example, if you get tickets to the local zoo (which is a fun gift for people of any age), put the tickets sticking up in a box of animal crackers. There are many fun places, from botanical gardens to theme parks. Put the tickets in something that is representative of that.

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