Ideas for an Easter Basket for a Husband

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There are no age requirements for receiving an Easter basket. Making a personalized Easter basket for your husband can be a way to put a smile on his face Easter morning. With a few of his favorite things in a special basket, he can celebrate the holiday right along with the kids.

A Special Note

Write a sweet note or poem, roll it up, and tie it with a ribbon in a bright pastel color. The note can include a special Easter wish or something sweet and romantic. To make it special, place the note in a giant plastic egg,

Coffee or Tea

Depending upon his favorite drink, include small samples of flavored tea or coffee in your husband's Easter basket. Add to the surprise by sticking coffee or tea in a coffee mug that has his name or a photograph of you and the kids on it.

Tickets to a Favorite Event

Include a pair of tickets to a sporting event, a concert or a movie your husband might want to see. Including two tickets lets him know you'll be attending the event with him.

Coupon Booklet

Make a coupon book that includes coupons for a back massage, a special dinner, or any other special events or situations your husband can use throughout the year. You might also want to consider a gift certificate to his favorite store.

Music, Movies or Personalized Gifts

Place a favorite movie or music CD in your husband's Easter basket as a special surprise. If your husband is into fishing, hide fishing tackle in his basket. If he enjoys working in the shop, hide a new tool or two.

Candy and Other Snacks

Don't forget to include the candy in his basket, along with any other snacks he might enjoy. These can include beef sticks, peanuts, popcorn or his favorite canned coffee drink.

Romantic Easter Basket

Make your husband's Easter basket a romantic treat. Include a bottle of wine, candles, truffles and a bottle of bubble bath with a note promising an Easter night full of surprises.