How to Word Birthday Wishes

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You do not have to be an award-winning poet—or a poet in any form—to compose a special birthday message for someone you care about. The key is to write from the heart. Write honestly. Do not write anything you do not really mean. You may be surprised how poetic your words come out on the page when you are truthful about how you feel.

Write notes on a blank sheet of scrap paper. This is your time to brainstorm. Write down the attributes you admire about your friend, the characteristics that make her special and your hopes for her in the coming year.

Mold your wishes for your friend into a silly or sweet poem. All you must do to achieve this is to rhyme words. For example, you might write "Happy Birthday to Molly, my fabulous friend! On this notable day, birthday wishes I send!" It can be that easy.

Study prose and poetry in greeting cards at a card shop or online to get ideas. You can borrow ideas and tweak them to make them your own.

Describe your birthday wishes specifically and colorfully. Instead of writing, "I wish you a great birthday," try to incorporate your friend's attributes and interests. You might write "My birthday wishes for you today are that you will get to eat your favorite food (you will because I'm taking you out to eat Mexican!), that you get your big promotion at work (I know you can do it!), and that you win our canasta game (I'm letting you beat me just this one time!)."