How to Wear a Skimpy Swimsuit for Men

Adam Pretty/Lifesize/Getty Images

When most people think of men's swim attire, images such as swimming trunks come to mind, as that's traditional for men in the United States. However, in Europe, Australia and areas of the Middle East, men's swimsuits are smaller, tighter, and showcase the curves of the male body very closely.

Pick a color swimsuit that generally complements your skin tone, hair and eye color. For example, people with blue eyes can generally wear any cool color, and people with darker eyes often look better in warmer colors, though these rules are not absolute.

Select a size that is snug, but not tight. A tight swimsuit will ride up your hips as you walk and cinch your waist, creating or exacerbating rolls of fat. A snug fit will not only feel better, but it will show off the natural lines of your body without squeezing them.

Select a cut you generally like and complements your body shape. If you're not comfortable in a thong swimsuit, you shouldn't wear one. For example, tiny, stretchy shorts still emphasize your body while still give you slightly more coverage. If you have short legs, select swimsuits with higher cuts to create a longer leg illusion.