The Perfect Fitting Jeans for Men With a Flat Butt

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Shopping for jeans is one of the more stressful obligations in the wardrobe-building department. Many details must be considered: not just the aesthetics of the fabric's wash and the jeans' cut, but more importantly, the way the jeans fit your buttocks and legs to flatter, yet look natural. Men who do not like their flat rear ends need a few considerations to ensure that their jeans fit perfectly.


The average U.S. male likes to shop quickly and efficiently, according to market research studies. It's nice if you can find the perfect jeans right away, but it might be better to take your time choosing one with the perfect fit. Shop with someone who is conscious of clothing fit and will give honest feedback about how you look. You might also bring a few magazine tear-outs of examples.

Snug Factor

Many men who don't like their flat rears choose jeans that are a little too big, hoping to create an illusion of fullness with extra material. However, all that extra space ends up looking awkward, making it obvious that you are wearing oversized jeans. Instead, focus on areas of snugness that work in your favor. Find your perfect waist size so that there is not extra material at the sides, which could make your thighs look bigger in addition to the flat rear end. Look for a higher inseam; this supports and defines the butt you already have.

It's In the Jeans

Ideally, Lycra or spandex blends are materials that hug in important places. Conversely, very stiff jeans flatten the rear end you already have. Look for around 3 percent spandex or any other elastine -- the stretch capacity should not be as extensive as women's jeggings or skinny jeans, but still be somewhat form-fitting. Between lighter and darker washes, lean toward the lighter shade, which shows off any butt shape, however minimal, that you have.


Straight-legged or bootcut jeans keep the whole silhouette of the pant proportional, which ultimately takes attention away from the rear area by looking well-fitted everywhere else. For additional cheats, look for more wide-set, larger -- but not taller -- back pockets that sit on your cheeks. Make sure the bottommost stitch of the pocket doesn't sit too low onto your back thigh, which would look dumpy. Small or no pockets either do nothing to help, or actually accentuate the flatness. Thicker stitches on the back pockets exaggerate the curves already in place.