How to Hide a Bulge in Skinny Jeans

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Form-fitting skinny jeans are a popular fashion item for both men and women, but wearers often find that their jeans leave little room for extras like phones or wallets. You may manage to squeeze a few parcels into your unforgiving jeans, but doing so will usually leave you with an unsightly jean bulge. By thoughtfully utilizing your resources, you can ensure that your jeans have the sleek, clean lines for which they are popular.

Fit Factors

Perhaps the most effective way to avoid bulges in your unforgivingly tight jeans is to reconsider the sizes you buy. Your size in relaxed-fit jeans will not necessarily be the same in skinny jeans. Purchase a size or two larger than you would wear in your regular-fit jeans and keep in mind that jeans typically stretch a size after 30 wears. It will also be effective to purchase jeans that have a medium rise, and wear them just below your beltline; this will ensure that your have more space in the rear pockets and the crotch area.


Pocket placement and size are an effective means of camouflaging unsightly bulges. When shopping for a new pair of skinny jeans, carefully examine the pockets of your potential purchase. Jeans that have low or large front pockets and high back pockets are more likely to create a noticeable bulge from keys, phones and wallets. However, jeans with small front pockets that are high on the hip and low back pockets will help hide bulges by placing them close to the waist or under your bottom, where there is more space.

Shirts and Jackets

Tucking your shirt into skinny jeans can cause unattractive lumps. Avoid dress shirts or other tops that need to be tucked in when wearing skinny jeans unless you wear a jacket or blazer or pick shirts that are form fitting enough that they will not bundle against your jeans when tucked in. Another potential option is to use longer shirts or jackets as camouflage. Choose a shirt or blazer that falls three or four inches past your front pocket holes -- this will help cover bulky parcels you might be toting.

Style Alternatives

Skinny jeans are not always the best choice for everyone. Slim-fit jeans are a potential alternative if you prefer the look of skinny jeans but find that you are not entirely comfortable wearing them. As with skinny jeans, choose a pair of slim-fit jeans that are not excessively tight in the waist or legs and have appropriate pocket placement. These jeans have the same slender, tapered leg design of skinny jeans, but allow greater freedom of movement. Moreover, they offer added room for tucked in shirts and other necessary articles to keep you free of unattractive bulges.