How Do I Buy a Girdle for a Man?

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Around since Victorian times, men's control wear is nothing new. Ads for male girdles inundated the pages of the popular 1930s pulp fiction novels. Although male girdles have since seen their ups and downs in interest and production, a resurgence of curiosity in male girdles, not lost on today's designers and retailers, has caused a boon in marketing and availability. Not quite as easy as buying a shirt, a male girdle purchase requires a bit more time, but chiseled abs without the workout are very enticing.

Getting started

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Determine what you are looking for in a girdle. Often used for health-related reasons, male girdles, sometimes called compression garments, come in legwear for those with knee problems or vests to aid with back and spine problems. Male girdles can also help hide body fat, thereby rendering a more sculpted look without the work.

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Determine which product will best suit your personal needs. Designers and retailers produce and sell different products to suit your specific requirements. A male girdle, sometimes referred to as a mirdle, helps make the torso look slimmer and sculpted. Also called a morset, mirdles come in different styles. Some look like long, tight tank tops or t-shirts and there's the standard style, which is similar in appearance to female girdles. Mantyhose, another option, shapes and lifts the gluteus area while holding in that beer belly.

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Once you've determined the style that fits your needs, find the correct size. If you choose to buy a standard mirdle, base your sizing on waist measurements. To get an accurate measurement, measure your waist directly across the belly button. The measurement will most likely match your trouser size. Use this measurement when ordering a man's girdle, as these measurements do not convert to women's sizes. If you have decided on a less traditional mirdle, say one that fits from the chest down, you will also need to get an accurate chest measurement. Measure over the highest part of your chest and shoulder blades, under the armpits, making sure that the measuring tape is parallel to the floor. Once you have determined your measurements, most online retailers provide a sizing chart. If you are shopping in a store, you can try it on.

Consider several things when trying on your mirdle. You want it to fit properly and comfortably. As a man, you'll want to have plenty of room down there and easy access for bathroom breaks. Buying the correct size makes all the difference in not only getting the look you want, but also for comfort's sake.